Diamond Spider Solitaire

Diamond Spider Solitaire 1.0

Bundles together several solitaire games
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Media Contact LLC

Play a wide variety of Solitaire games including Scorpion, Cells, Scarab, Spider and several others. Customize the deck and the backgrounds for a more enjoyable playing experience.

Diamond Spider Solitaire, by Media Contact LLC., is a good collection of card games based on the addictive spider. It is ideal for people who during a ten-minute break want to relax playing an entertaining game.

The collection features a total of twelve solitaire games, like Spider, Scorpion, Double Scorpion, Spiderelle, Spider Cells, Beetle, and others. Some of these games are variations of well-known solitaires, but others are original games created for this collection. Although each one has its own rules, basically they all have the same objective: return the cards to their foundations by building sequences down the rank from king to aces.

These games offer a relaxing slow-paced gameplay, but if you want your game to be a bit more dynamic, you have to check the turbo mode box and there will be twenty, fifteen, or ten minutes to finish a game depending on its difficulty.

There are a few things to customize, like the background color, and the deck. The graphics are simple but very nice, and do their job perfectly. There are cool animations in the cards and beautiful card designs. The music is very relaxing and accompanies the game rhythm superbly. The collection is really worth trying, and most importantly, it is absolutely free.

Mariel Rearte
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